Gearing up for Grad School

Next week, my grad school program starts, and I’m nervous. I’m nervous for a couple of reasons. My program is something I haven’t really studied in an academic context before(library science), because there aren’t many options for that beyond the grad level, which is nerve-wracking enough. I’m also nervous about going back to school. It’s not like I’ve been out of school for years and years, but it feels weird to be a student ALL my life, then suddenly NOT be one any more, and now I am again. Before my program starts, I’m taking steps to maintain my calm during the semester, so here’s what I’ve done:

1. Make sure I have all necessary supplies

In high school and undergrad, this meant buying notebooks and pens. Not so much for grad school(though of course I did use this as a reason to stock up on my all-time favorite pens). Mostly, it means making sure everything on my computer is in working order(since my first two classes are online) and buying my textbooks.

2. Get a haircut

Necessary for school? No! But I did get a haircut last week for a reason. Because I always get the same cut, it’s been a long time since I had a haircut horror story, and it always helps my confidence. I needed that confidence boost.

3. Read the introductory chapters of my textbooks

Because I’m in library school, so many of my classes has *very* similar descriptions. Flipping through the introductory chapters of my textbook give me more of an idea of what I’ll be learning in each class, especially since I don’t have access to my syllabi yet.

4. Read for fun

I’m always afraid of losing my fun reading time, so I’ve made sure to read some books for fun this month before the semester starts.

5. Invest in a coloring book

You know that whole “coloring book for adults” trend that’s going around? I decided to get one, since coloring is suppose to be calming. I doubt I’ll have much time during the semester to color, but whenever I need a break or get really stressed out, I’m going to try coloring instead of my usual frantic pacing around.


One thought on “Gearing up for Grad School

  1. Hahaha, I love this. It’s not what I would have expected for a back-to-school list, but it actually makes a lot of sense. I hope you’re wrong and still have time to read and blog and talk to people on Twitter, but it’s good to soak it all up now just in case. You’re right that it will probably be a weird transition into being a student again. Fortunately, I think you’ll quickly fall back into old habits. As much as I hated school a lot of the time, there’s also something so comforting and familiar about it. Good luck! I hope it’s great. *hugs*

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