Three Podcasts I Love(Other than Serial)

Of course, I do love Serial. But I feel that’s pretty much a given now when talking about podcasts. I’ve been a long time fan of podcasts. I’ve listened to podcast off and on since around 2006, when Mugglecast was created and I started listening(for those that don’t know, Mugglecast is the Harry Potter fan podcast that spun off from Mugglenet. I’m not sure if there’s still current episodes or not). Here are 3 podcast I’ve really been digging lately:

  1. Welcome to Night Vale


How much do I love Welcome to Night Vale? So much. Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional podcast produced by Common Place books where each episode takes the form of a live radio show being aired in the fictional town of Night Vale, where all sorts of weird things happen and it’s treated as completely mundane. There are glow clouds that join the PTA, helicopters that watch over citizens, terrifying librarians, conspiracy theories, and so much more. Cecil Baldwin narrates as the voice of Cecil Palmer, the fictional radio show host, and it’s fantastic. There’s also a book coming out in November!


2. Lore


Lore is a podcast about legends & folk lore, and it is SO INTERESTING. There are some creepy parts, but it’s actually not *quite* as disturbing/scary as I expected. I’ve only been able to find the time to listen to a few episodes so far, but I know this is one I want to catch up on.

3. Call Your Girlfriend


Now, for something completely different, is my latest podcast obsession: Call Your Girlfriend. The two host of Call Your Girlfriend, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman are “long-distance besties” who podcast every other week catching up on life and talking about almost everything under the sun. It’s hilarious and smart and every time I listen I always laugh and I always learn things. If you’ve ever had a long distance friendship, you’ll instantly relate to this podcast.


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