September 2015 Favorites


Still digging the Discover Weekly feature on Spotify. Many of my finds from that playlist ended up on my September playlist:

I also have a “current favorites” playlist I keep updated:

My September additions to my current favorites are: I’m Good-The Mowgli’s, Colors-Halsey, This Year-Cooper, Hold On-Rivvrs, & Young Hearts-Strange Talk + others.


Fall means new lipstick colors! At least for me. To date, still the only makeup I feel fairly comfortable using, which is kinda funny since I tend to go for the bold colors–reds, berries. etc. I just don’t see the point of nude lipstick and pale pinks just wash me out because I’m so fair. Might as well turn up the contrast, which is exactly what my new favorite color does:

Revlon’s super lustrous lipstick in cherries in the snow

cherries in the snow

Just such a perfect fall color. I ordered it online & expected it to be more red based upon the picture(it’s more of a berry), but I do really like it.

Olay Outlast Cooling White Strawberry + Mint Body Wash


I got a travel size of this body wash(3 oz) in a Target Beauty Box, and loved it. It has a smooth texture and didn’t make me break out(I’m very sensitive to soaps, especially highly scented ones), and it smelled amazing. Alas, I will probably not be buying it since I try to stay away from Olay, but I did enjoy the sample size.

Last beauty favorite is the e.l.f. studio HD lifting concealer

lifting concealer

This is a brightening concealer that gets a good bang for your buck at $3 for a tube. It’s become my go-to.


I read some pretty good books this month, but the one I would want to recommend most is Wildlife by Fiona Wood. It’s a YA contemporary novel set in Australia that takes place during a semester at a wilderness/outdoor program. The two main characters are cabin mates that don’t know each other, and it’s about their experiences(one is grieving the lost of her boyfriend, the other has a boyfriend for the first time), and how they become friends.




I don’t drink much soda, but I LOVE sparkling/carbonated water. Lately I’ve been enjoying wrapping up summer flavors with the Sparkling Ice in the Strawberry Watermelon(my favorite) and the Peach Nectarine flavors(this is such a surprise, because guess what? I don’t actually like peaches!)

peach nectarine strawberry watermelon

My last tastebud favorite and last favorite overall is the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Lemon. I tried these in my seemingly ever-ongoing conquest to eat as many lemon flavored things as possible, and they are DELICIOUS.

lemon fig bar


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