September 2015 Favorites


Still digging the Discover Weekly feature on Spotify. Many of my finds from that playlist ended up on my September playlist:

I also have a “current favorites” playlist I keep updated:

My September additions to my current favorites are: I’m Good-The Mowgli’s, Colors-Halsey, This Year-Cooper, Hold On-Rivvrs, & Young Hearts-Strange Talk + others.


Fall means new lipstick colors! At least for me. To date, still the only makeup I feel fairly comfortable using, which is kinda funny since I tend to go for the bold colors–reds, berries. etc. I just don’t see the point of nude lipstick and pale pinks just wash me out because I’m so fair. Might as well turn up the contrast, which is exactly what my new favorite color does:

Revlon’s super lustrous lipstick in cherries in the snow

cherries in the snow

Just such a perfect fall color. I ordered it online & expected it to be more red based upon the picture(it’s more of a berry), but I do really like it.

Olay Outlast Cooling White Strawberry + Mint Body Wash


I got a travel size of this body wash(3 oz) in a Target Beauty Box, and loved it. It has a smooth texture and didn’t make me break out(I’m very sensitive to soaps, especially highly scented ones), and it smelled amazing. Alas, I will probably not be buying it since I try to stay away from Olay, but I did enjoy the sample size.

Last beauty favorite is the e.l.f. studio HD lifting concealer

lifting concealer

This is a brightening concealer that gets a good bang for your buck at $3 for a tube. It’s become my go-to.


I read some pretty good books this month, but the one I would want to recommend most is Wildlife by Fiona Wood. It’s a YA contemporary novel set in Australia that takes place during a semester at a wilderness/outdoor program. The two main characters are cabin mates that don’t know each other, and it’s about their experiences(one is grieving the lost of her boyfriend, the other has a boyfriend for the first time), and how they become friends.




I don’t drink much soda, but I LOVE sparkling/carbonated water. Lately I’ve been enjoying wrapping up summer flavors with the Sparkling Ice in the Strawberry Watermelon(my favorite) and the Peach Nectarine flavors(this is such a surprise, because guess what? I don’t actually like peaches!)

peach nectarine strawberry watermelon

My last tastebud favorite and last favorite overall is the Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Lemon. I tried these in my seemingly ever-ongoing conquest to eat as many lemon flavored things as possible, and they are DELICIOUS.

lemon fig bar


Three Podcasts I Love(Other than Serial)

Of course, I do love Serial. But I feel that’s pretty much a given now when talking about podcasts. I’ve been a long time fan of podcasts. I’ve listened to podcast off and on since around 2006, when Mugglecast was created and I started listening(for those that don’t know, Mugglecast is the Harry Potter fan podcast that spun off from Mugglenet. I’m not sure if there’s still current episodes or not). Here are 3 podcast I’ve really been digging lately:

  1. Welcome to Night Vale


How much do I love Welcome to Night Vale? So much. Welcome to Night Vale is a fictional podcast produced by Common Place books where each episode takes the form of a live radio show being aired in the fictional town of Night Vale, where all sorts of weird things happen and it’s treated as completely mundane. There are glow clouds that join the PTA, helicopters that watch over citizens, terrifying librarians, conspiracy theories, and so much more. Cecil Baldwin narrates as the voice of Cecil Palmer, the fictional radio show host, and it’s fantastic. There’s also a book coming out in November!


2. Lore


Lore is a podcast about legends & folk lore, and it is SO INTERESTING. There are some creepy parts, but it’s actually not *quite* as disturbing/scary as I expected. I’ve only been able to find the time to listen to a few episodes so far, but I know this is one I want to catch up on.

3. Call Your Girlfriend


Now, for something completely different, is my latest podcast obsession: Call Your Girlfriend. The two host of Call Your Girlfriend, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman are “long-distance besties” who podcast every other week catching up on life and talking about almost everything under the sun. It’s hilarious and smart and every time I listen I always laugh and I always learn things. If you’ve ever had a long distance friendship, you’ll instantly relate to this podcast.

Smart on the Internet(2)

Smart on the Internet is my round-up of things I find smart, fascinating, note-worthy, or fun on the internet.

Smart on the Internet

I almost stopped reading this article about how the idea of “do what you love” in regards to work is in many ways a corporate rip-off because it was so depressing. . . but then it started intersecting with the idea that this myth targets women in particular and how traditional “women’s work” fields get hit the hardest.

Judging by the stats, being intersex isn’t that rare, just invisible, and people are started to ask if doctors should assign sex at birth to those born intersex–something that’s common but increasingly challenged.

This article about “the makeup tax” touched on something I had never really thought about before. I do like makeup(sometimes), but. . . yeah, I can see where the “makeup tax” comes in.

Ever considered taking marriage advice from divorced people? I never really thought about it before, but I can see how having a marriage that ended would make you more tuned-in to how marriages can go wrong. I remember learning in my Marriage & the Family class in undergrad that statistically, if you get divorced you’re more likely to get divorced again, but at the same time, it’s important to remember that’s not a marriage death sentence.

Like the rest of the internet, I watched the Wildest Dream music video. Not sure if I liked it or not, but I did like the song(yes, I hadn’t heard it before).  Why are women angry? Mostly because of exhaustion. Those little things add up.

I’ve had this article saved about the lost colony of Roanoke for weeks because I LOVE learning stuff about the lost colony and I wanted to devote my time to reading it.

Gearing up for Grad School

Next week, my grad school program starts, and I’m nervous. I’m nervous for a couple of reasons. My program is something I haven’t really studied in an academic context before(library science), because there aren’t many options for that beyond the grad level, which is nerve-wracking enough. I’m also nervous about going back to school. It’s not like I’ve been out of school for years and years, but it feels weird to be a student ALL my life, then suddenly NOT be one any more, and now I am again. Before my program starts, I’m taking steps to maintain my calm during the semester, so here’s what I’ve done:

1. Make sure I have all necessary supplies

In high school and undergrad, this meant buying notebooks and pens. Not so much for grad school(though of course I did use this as a reason to stock up on my all-time favorite pens). Mostly, it means making sure everything on my computer is in working order(since my first two classes are online) and buying my textbooks.

2. Get a haircut

Necessary for school? No! But I did get a haircut last week for a reason. Because I always get the same cut, it’s been a long time since I had a haircut horror story, and it always helps my confidence. I needed that confidence boost.

3. Read the introductory chapters of my textbooks

Because I’m in library school, so many of my classes has *very* similar descriptions. Flipping through the introductory chapters of my textbook give me more of an idea of what I’ll be learning in each class, especially since I don’t have access to my syllabi yet.

4. Read for fun

I’m always afraid of losing my fun reading time, so I’ve made sure to read some books for fun this month before the semester starts.

5. Invest in a coloring book

You know that whole “coloring book for adults” trend that’s going around? I decided to get one, since coloring is suppose to be calming. I doubt I’ll have much time during the semester to color, but whenever I need a break or get really stressed out, I’m going to try coloring instead of my usual frantic pacing around.

Smart on the Internet(1)

Smart on the Internet is my round-up of things I find smart, fascinating, note-worthy, or fun on the internet.

Smart on the Internet

I’ve been thinking a lot about emotional labor lately, because of the post on The Toast. I’ve actually been wrestling with the idea a great amount. I’m not sure I follow the writer to all her conclusions exactly, but I definitely agree with the premise. I’m not in a relationship, but looking back at my life growing up and I realize how all the “emotional labor” rested with the women in my family. There’s also a very long thread on metafilter about the concept, which I found just as enlightening as the article itself.

There is a Tumblr blog called Masculinity is ~so~ fragile and it’s pretty much making my internet life right now. I find ridiculous gendering of inanimate objects well, ridiculous, so it holds a special place in my heart, especially because I always think it’s funny when guys say things like “I’m secure enough in my masculinity to. . .(enter X here)”. I joked about this on twitter a few months ago and how I wanted to start saying that I’m “secure enough in my femininity” to do things like read fantasy with SWORDS, love the color blue, and use men’s shaving cream.

Sookie St James on Gilmore Girls was a very important character to me growing up, so I’m glad she’s getting recognized for it even years after the show has ended. I remember how it felt to see a character who looked LIKE ME, who was not “Hollywood plus size” but ACTUALLY plus size get her own story lines and was not a punchline for jokes in a show that made jokes *all* the time.

Bust has a list of 10 Lady Podcasts you should listen to right now, which of course I found because of my recent obsession with Call Your Girlfriend(and I’m sure this list is older, but I found it recently, so on the link round-up it goes!). I haven’t tried any of the ones listed, but I do have a few episodes of Nerdette downloaded.

I don’t have a lot to say about this article on having a perfect wedding while being a fat bride, but that’s because it felt like such an emotional read that sharing too many of my thoughts almost feels sacrilegious. Even though sometimes the whole sphere of romance tends to pass me by, I couldn’t help but feel warmed by this. Bravo, Lindy West.

In more depressing news, the future of work pretty much sucks, and I often feel like I’m living this now. It sounds so cliche, I know, but: the struggle is real. I mean, it really, truly is. It’s disheartening.

I would say to nobody’s surprise, but I think people *are* surprised–there’s sexist bias in the literary world. An author queries under her name, gets minimal response. Changes to a male name, and the responses are much more positive. I know this isn’t a perfect experiment, because the variables(agents themselves) changed when the author changed her name, but it is still pretty telling all the same.

This month’s oldie but goodie choice:

How to Apply Lipstick Perfectly(Like a Pro) from She’s in the Glow. My lipstick game has improved at least 80% since using this method. I never thought I was *bad* at lipstick before, but this gave me such better results. Bit of a learning curve, but the practice is half the fun, right? Since then I’ve ventured into sort of tweaking this a bit(I use eyelid primer instead of foundation, for example), but this is the post that really taught me first.